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Ask Entrepreneur
This is a question and answer board provided by Entrepreneur.com, one of the most trusted sources for entrepreneurship. Experts provide an initial answer to questions while community members add their posts following the initial Q & A. Popular topics include sales & marketing, legal issues, growing your business, starting a business and money.

Small Business Ideas Forum
Established in 2004, this active community of entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketers discuss topics on starting, operating and promoting a business. Popular topics include search engine optimization, what type of business should I start, general small business issues, blogging and social media. The forum is operated by their sister site Search Engine Guide.

This forum, started in 2008, provides a variety of topics related to starting and managing a small business. Popular topics include managing your business, starting your business, traditional and internet marketing, website management and accounting/taxes. The website uses Vbulletin's forum content management system.

Small Business Administration
Discuss topics including starting, growing and managing a small business here. Members, including small business owners and entrepreneurship experts, communicate about information and experiences related to small business. Popular topics include starting and registering a business, loans and grants, home based businesses, marketing and advertising and filing and paying taxes.

Young Entrepreneurs
Founded in 1999, this community provides a variety of discussions for young entrepreneurs and startup founders. The website also provides a variety of articles and Q & A responses to common small business questions. Popular topics include general business, online marketing, web development and starting up.

Provided by a division of the Deluxe Corporatioin, one of the leading check printers in the United States, PartnerUp is a community of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Popular topics include looking for investors, starting a business, financing, marketing and operating a web business. The website also provides a social networking function to connect people.

Startup Nation
Created by brothers Jeff and Rich Sloan in 2002, their forum provides small business help for entrepreneurs to learn, educate others and share stories. Popular topics include business planning, selecting a business, marketing, startup funding and website critique. The site also features step by step advice, articles, a blog, podcasts and networking groups.