This tool allows you to access data for benchmarking, competitive analysis and advertising opportunities. Benchmarking compares performance between your business and others to identify opportunities for improvement. The competitive analysis maps where competition, suppliers and customers are located so you can identify areas where you have an advantage.

40% of the world is online

4.4 billion people remain offline

90% of those offline are in the developing world

77% of the developed world is online

31% of the developing world is online

6.8 billion cellular phone subscriptions worldwide


15% of adults do not use the internet

76% of adults use the internet at home

70% of American adults go online via broadband at home

3% of American adults connect to the internet at home by a dial up connection

44% of those 65 or older do not use the internet or email

23% of offline adults live in a household where someone else uses the internet at home

20% of rural residents say they do not use the internet

14% of suburban or urban residents do not use the internet


1 in 10 businesses nationwide, or 2.4 million, are owned by a veteran.